Turkey: Economy grows by 7.4% on strong domestic demand and exports

Although the quarterly growth of the Turkish economy until September is somewhat close to the direction expected by the market in general; With the effect of faster use of Covid vaccines, recovery in exports and strong domestic demand, ... Devamı

US: Pending home sales increases by 7.5% in October

Pending home sales in the US increased by 7.5% month-on-month in October after falling 2.3% in September. ... Devamı

Turkey: Strong economic growth performance expected

In the 3Q21 period, we saw that leading indicators, especially industrial production and exports, confirm strong economic activity in the post-opening period. ... Devamı

Turkey: Foreign trade deficit at 1.44 billion USD in October

According to the October GTS (General trade system) foreign trade data announced by TURKSTAT in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce; Turkey's exports increased by 20.1% in October 2021 compared to the same period of the previous year and became 20.79 billion USD, while imports increased by 12.8% to 22.23 billion USD in the same period. ... Devamı

Global: Markets in light of the Omicron variant

Markets were trading Friday as the potential impact of the Omicron coronavirus strain on the global economic reopening was a matter of concern. ... Devamı

Çin ve Rusya’dan ABD’nin Demokrasi Zirvesi’ne ortak tepki

Çin’in ve Rusya'nın Washington büyükelçileri, ortak bir makale yayımlayarak, ABD tarafından düzenlenecek Demokrasi Zirvesi’ni kınadı. ... Devamı

Gastromasa dünyaya açılıyor

Gastronomi dünyasının yıldızlarını buluşturan, kültürler arasında bir köprü oluşturan ve yarattığı global etkiyle uluslararası otoritelerden tam not alan Uluslararası Gastromasa Gastronomi Konferansı, global bir marka olarak sınırları aşıyor! 2022 yılında gastronominin dev isimlerini Ukrayna’nın başkenti Kiev’de ağırlayacak olan organizasyon için imzalar atıldı. ... Devamı

CBRT Financial Stability Report: Supply-side factors increase inflation

Regarding the economic balances, the CBRT handles the global outlook cautiously and the domestic outlook optimistically. Although there is an ongoing global recovery in the net, the risk themes that have been introduced create reservations about the slowdown of the economies. ... Devamı

Global: New variant risks

The news of a strong new Covid variant emerging from South Africa showing signs of spreading in several countries is the subject of the markets today. ... Devamı

US: Mixed dataset ahead of Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Initial jobless claims in regular government programs fell 71K seasonally in the week ended November 20 to 199K. ... Devamı

CBRT: Central Bank says “Price formation in FX markets not realistic”

In the statement made by the Central Bank, it was stated that Turkey applies a floating exchange rate regime and does not commit to any exchange rate level. ... Devamı

Fed: Central Bank reverse repo transactions and tapering management

A repo is a way for the Fed to add temporary liquidity to the market, whereby the central bank's open market desk purchases assets from banks for a short period of time, usually overnight, before reversing the deal. ... Devamı

US: Employment market trends

In the week ended November 13, the first seasonally adjusted unemployment benefits applications came in at 268K, down 1K from the previous week's revised level. ... Devamı

CBRT: New rate cut and December guidance

The Central Bank lowered the one-week repo rate by 100 basis points to 15%, in line with the scale expected by economists. ... Devamı

Energy Crisis: “Cold Cold Winter”

There is a supply-based energy crisis in the world, especially in Europe, and the reflection of this is seen in a multi-factorial way, from the risk of economic recovery to the increase in inflation. ... Devamı

CBRT: Rate cut trend continues while inflation rises

Despite the compelling developments of the Central Bank in the recent period, we consider that the trend of lowering interest rates continues in line with the expectation that is reflected in the markets. ... Devamı

Fed: Central Bank's move in the direction of "hawkishness"

At the point of the decline in asset purchases, the pressure on inflation, which is the main phenomenon that will push the Fed's threshold, is increasing. ... Devamı

Cross Risks and Practices Implied in Fed Monetary Policy

Increasing inflation expectations in the US continue to gain weight together with current data and the situation. ... Devamı

US: Bond yield spreads and inflation expectations

We have been following the spread movements for a while. The movement in short-term bonds is more prominent than the long side, and the converging interests have narrowed the spreads. ... Devamı

Turkey: Budget deficit widens by spending increases that exceed taxes

According to the October budget data announced by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance; The central government budget, which had a deficit of 23.6 billion TRY in September 2021, had a deficit of 17.4 billion TRY (1.74 billion USD) in October 2021. ... Devamı

China: Economic activity data, growth dynamics

Retail sales in China unexpectedly rose 4.9% in October, compared to the expected 3.5%, and picking up from the 4.4% year-on-year rate in September. ... Devamı

Turkey: I/P increases by 8.9% in September

Industrial production seems to be below our expectations with current realizations. ... Devamı

CBRT Market Participants Survey: 12-month CPI expectation at 15.61%

It is observed that the upward revisions in inflation expectations continue at an accelerated pace. ... Devamı

China: Singles' Day sales

At the 11/11 Singles' Day online shopping event, JD.Com and Alibaba platforms set new sales records. ... Devamı

Turkey: CAB gives a surplus with the contribution of tourism and trade balance

In September, the current account balance in Turkey posted a surplus for the second month in a row thanks to the increase in exports and tourism revenues. ... Devamı

US: Inflation at highest level since 1990

In the US, the consumer price index increased by 6.2% compared to October 2020. CPI increased by 0.9% compared to September, the biggest increase in four months. ... Devamı

Turkey: Unemployment rate falls to 11.5% in September

Unemployment rate in Turkey in September, which was 13.2% in the same month of the previous year, decreased by 1.7 points to 11.5%. ... Devamı

China: Producer cost burden and inflation risks rise

In China, the producer price index increased by 13.5% compared to the previous year, reaching the highest pace in 26 years, exceeding the median estimate of 12.3%. ... Devamı

Fed: Risky asset prices, inflation expectations, management weight

The October Consumer Expectations Survey released by the New York Fed reported that median inflation expectations remained unchanged at 4.2% over the medium-term horizon and rose 0.4 percentage points to 5.7% over the short-term horizon. ... Devamı

CBRT: FX deposit RRRs increase

According to the decision published in the Official Gazette, the Central Bank increased the required reserve ratio for foreign currency deposits by 200 basis points. ... Devamı

US: Jobs do well according to labor market, wages point to inflation

The labor market in the US showed a tendency to get things on track with the increase that was more than expected. ... Devamı

US: Employment dynamics and secondary effects from wage inflation

We'll be following the October NFP and details, following the disappointing job numbers for the past month, after the tapering announcement at the FOMC meeting. ... Devamı

Fed: Asset purchases start to decline at $15 billion pace from this month

As expected, the FOMC took the first step towards ending the ultra-expansive program aimed at protecting the economy from Covid-19, while keeping the benchmark policy rate in the range of 0 - 0.25%. ... Devamı

US: Service activity jumps to record high in October

Business activity in the US services sector continued to grow at a record pace in October, with the ISM services PMI rising to 66.7 from 61.9 in September. ... Devamı

Turkey: Inflation accelerates on weak lira and energy costs

While consumer prices in Turkey increased by 2.39% (median expectation 2.59%) in October, annual inflation was realized as 19.89% (September 19.58%, median expectation 20.35%). Due to the increase in energy costs and the weak lira, price hikes accelerated in October for the fifth month in a row. ... Devamı

Fed: Tapering time

The possibility that inflationary pressures do not fade quickly despite the decline in growth momentum causes policy makers to be in a dilemma about worrying about a monetary tightening side effect or too loose policy trap. ... Devamı

Turkey: We expect the continuation of the upward risk balance in inflation

We anticipate that October inflation figures will keep the upside risk weighting ahead and that the seasonally high realizations will neutralize the base effect that is expected to operate under normal conditions. ... Devamı

China/Global: Junk bonds and negative yields

Although Evergrande has made its overdue payment, we see some companies issuing their bonds early due to concerns about real estate companies. ... Devamı

Turkey: Manufacturing PMI falls to 51.2 in October

According to the data announced by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) and IHS Markit; Manufacturing PMI fell to 51.2 from 52.5 in October. ... Devamı

CBRT Inflation Report: Forecasts raise amid weak lira and inflationary risks

The central bank; revised inflation forecasts upwards due to factors such as global supply-driven inflationary effects and the lira weakening to record lows after rate cuts. ... Devamı

US: Democrats' billionaire tax plan

Senate Democrats have detailed proposed taxes for billionaires, a new and logistically risky approach to taxation that President Joe Biden hopes will help fund his social spending on low- and middle-income Americans. ... Devamı

CBRT Inflation Report: Interest perspective, inflation and commercial loans phenomenon

We expect the CBRT to update its inflation forecasts upwards at the 4th Inflation Report Information Meeting of the year, which will be held tomorrow. ... Devamı

Inflation expectations, spreads, Turkish Eurobonds

While inflation expectations are rising in the US; both 2-10 and 5-30 spreads approached last week's lows. ... Devamı

China: China Telecom and FCC issue, China-US conflict

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has revoked China Telecom's US subsidiary's authorization to operate, citing national security concerns. ... Devamı

US: Home sales and confidence indices, economic growth support

New home sales in the US rose 14% in September, following a 1.4% contraction in August. ... Devamı

Turkey: State banks follow the CBRT, lower loan rates

Following the 200 basis point rate cut by the Central Bank last week, three state banks announced that they will reduce their corporate and housing loan rates up to 200 basis points depending on the products and maturities. ... Devamı

Turkey: Manufacturing industry CUR and RSCI decreases in October

Although the real sector confidence index data for October, announced by the Central Bank, decreased compared to the previous month, the index level continues to be well above the pandemic period. ... Devamı

Turkey: S&P confirms Turkey's credit rating, outlook stable

Turkey's 'B+/B' long and short-term foreign currency country credit rating and 'BB-/B' long and short-term local currency country credit rating were affirmed by S&P, leaving the outlook as “stable”. ... Devamı

Resmi Gazete başlıkları

Enerji Piyasası Düzenleme Kurulunun 21/10/2021 Tarihli ve 10502 ve 10505 Sayılı Kararları ... Devamı

US: PMI details and inflationary facts

Economic activity in the US manufacturing sector continued to expand in October, though slightly slower than in September, falling from 60.7 to 59.2. This reading missed the market's expectation of 60.3. ... Devamı

CBRT: Rate cut despite the weakening lira, emphasis on “limited space”

The Central Bank once again went beyond market expectations and, within the framework of an unconventional perspective, this time cut rates below the core inflation. ... Devamı